Beg_Beta test



7 min. Warmups- (use this time to take roll and prepare your stations as presented below and grab some wrist bands)

cardio- 10 each
  • jumping jacks
  • tuck jumps
  • pike jump
  • Kris Cross jumping Jacks (legs go apart, across! instead of apart together... as they get more coordinated ....each one crosses with different leg in front)

Stretch 10 each

  • Spiderman
  • pike stretch
  • straddle stretch
  • right split stretch
  • left split stretch
  • bridge x2
  • pike and roll
  • handstand

Zone lesson structure

Tramps (yellow or white) each bullet is a station within the zone

  • -Kid One- connected basic bounces (tuck bounce + pike bounce + straddle bounce , half twist freeze / example only-any order fine...
    -Kid Two 20 fun sit-ups then tell partner to switch with them
  • -kid One- 1/4 turn freeze. If can freeze then go to 1/2 turn freeze... once stuck.... then 3/4 turn..... etc etc
    -kid Two- hold each split 20 counts (left right straddle) then tell friend to switch.
  • Donkey Up toward handstand (tucked or straddled
  • coach station where works "mark off skills"

A, Acro, O-rod floor or S zone

  • cartwheel and or round off family of skills w/panel mat or?? (TTramp if on A-zone)
  • Person one- handstand walk from x to y (dots, marks on floor etc) forward or backward...... all the way.... then switch with friend
    Person Two jumping jacks till kid one gets from x to y.....
  • bridge family ... two mat... or each side of a mat etc.
  • Coach station where works "mark off skills"


  • -Kid One- Yevgeny pass (kid bounces 1/2 or full twist while traveling down TTramp and connect one tumble or jump skill (forward roll? ) in middle Ttramp, and immediately follow with turns again ...... at end of Ttramp and do any type jump they want into pit (tuck, pike, straddle etc)
    -Kid two... by wall doing burpee's till other kid walks up to them (BUMP rotate)
  • On FX Handstands see how much of your name you can spell before coming down (kid one and two)
  • handstands at wall by "start" of TTramp
  • coach station to work mark off skills on FX (face yourself to TTramp so you can scan all the zones often)