Sample Beginner Tumbling Plan





This is a sample lesson plan. Split your class in 2 rotations. You will have to decide what skill rotation you need to do first based on if you have a trampoline or not. This station set will focus a lot on

Class Warm (7 Minutes):

Up Have them do this while you are getting your stations set up. You can yell our the next warm up item once they complete the 1st one. Make sure they stay apart and are not in each others way.

  • 30 Jumping Jacks
  • blah
  • blah
  • blah
  • blah

Trampoline Stations (20 Minutes):

  • Donkey Kicks/if you don't have a trampoline do handstand walk up a wall with belly against the wall
  • Spotted - Tick Tock on top of Wedge Mat
  • Cartwheel Canyon
  • Cartwheel Over a Panel Mat

Make sure to budget time to clean up and rotate to your next floor spot.

Non-Trampoline Stations (25 Minutes):

  • Round-Off Over Mat
  • Spotted Backbend on Wedge Mat or Floor
  • Handstand Kick Up Progression on Wall
  • Headstand With Wall

Clean Up & Drop Off (5 Minutes)

You can also embed videos in the lesson plan... whoa! How cool is this!!!