Acro is fun team building sport where two, three, or four partners work together to tell a story through dance, lifts, and tosses to music on a competition floor.

Our Acro class works on fun and safe progressions so students learn skills and gain confidence together. Occasionally we will also work on tumbling/gymnastic skills.

We will work towards a group routine that can be showcased at various local events.

For team and class a backbend and round-off are recommended but not required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up?

Anyone ages 4 and up can sign up up for the class. If you are interested in our Acro Team click here.

What is the time commitment?

The class practices on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5-6pm.

Will there be Performances?

We are working towards a few performance opportunities locally. If you know of a good event we could perform at let us know!
The class may have an optional virtual competition depending on how the season goes.

Can I watch the Acro Class?

One parent will be able to come in to watch the first class, after that we ask that you watch via Spot TV.

What is the price for the Acro Class?

The class is the same price as two hours of tumbling classes, with a discount. If you have questions about pricing give us a call.