Lion, Full Drape, Half Drape, and Cradle For Hoop & Trapeze

Begin in split sit. Holding on to the rope or hoop with the same-side hand as front leg, bring the opposite hand off the rope or hoop and in front of the rope and bar. Slide to that side until that armpit rests on the bar, letting the front knee bend over the bar. Drop other arm and let back leg hang behind.

Full Drape
From Lion pose, reach up with the hand on the same side as the front (bent)knee to grab the rope or hoop. Turn torso towards the ceiling and use back side of neck to press/rest against rope or hoop on opposite side of bent front knee. Take hand off and drape it by your side.

Half Drape
From sitting position, place one hand on the rope or side of hoop and the other on the bar by your backside. Turn and lean toward the rope or bar opposite of your knees, and slide knees towards rope or hoop until they are hooked on the bar. Look up to ceiling with neck on the front side of the rope or hoop and release both hands.

Get into position in the same way as Half Drape. Reach up with the hand opposite of the rope or hoop your neck is on and grab the rope or hoop above your head. Lean out with your head to the side, facing forward out of the trapeze or hoop.