Student Mask Policy

Short Answer: If your child is 6 or older they will need to have a mask on ONLY WHEN BEING SPOTTED.

Long Answer:
Our goal is to make sure we can stay open and keep you, your kids, and our staff safe. To do this, we have put many measures in place. Since we have reopened, spotting has been limited and only in the case of a skill going wonky per the guidelines. There are times when more spotting would be beneficial and our staff has asked to be able to do more. To accomplish this we are bringing back full spotting of skills to students who are masked for ages 6+.  

Any student who wants to be spotted and is in a class listed below will be required to wear a mask while being spottedDuring non-spotted stations or other areas, we recommend having a mask on but this is not required. What counts as a mask you ask, check out our FAQ below.

This goes in effect on Friday 1/15  for all classes listed below:
Beginner Tumbling, Back Handspring 1, Back Handspring 2, Intermediate Tumbling, Back Tuck, Advanced Tumbling
Ninja: Ninja White, Ninja Yellow, Ninja Green, Ninja Blue, Ninja Purple
Aerial Arts: Fundamentals, Green Level 1, Green Level 2, Blue Level 3, Performance Class. Adult Artistic Aerial Arts
Teams: Tumbling, Trampoline, Acrobatic
Open Gym Times: Open Tumbling, Aerial Arts Open Practice, Ninja Open Gym
Cheer Jumps and Motions
All Trampoline Classes
All Private Lessons

Students of the following classes are not required to wear masks:
Squirrels, Bunnies, Cubs, Racoons, Birds, Owls.
Ninja: Mini Ninjas, Lil' Ninjas
Open Gyms Times: Pre-School Play Date for students under age 6.

Originally, we were concerned about the possibility of masks slipping up and over the face while doing skills, which is why we have held out so long on requiring masks during classes. After talking to several gyms who have had a mask policy in place since reopening we've decided that it's time to update our policy a little.

We hope you understand that we are trying to keep not only your children safe while in classes, but also keep our staff safe. We want to keep our facility open for as long as we possibly can, and to keep these kids having an outlet to work out, build strength, endurance, and ultimately to be kids.

Read our frequently asked questions about this policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a mask?

Cloth mask such as cotton, other solid fabric mask, or surgical mask such as the blue or white ones you would see at a doctors office that fully cover the nose and mouth.  Gaiter (scarf like masks) are also allowed but need to be tight fitting and not lose.

Plastic or ridged masks are not included due the the safety risks associated with spotting these types of masks.

What happens if my child doesn't have a mask during their class.

Your child's coach will let them know that they cannot spot them at that specific station or drill BUT your child will still work on other things to help them gain confidence. Once they have a mask on all normal spotting will resume.

Does my child have to have a mask on all the time?

Not at all, only during times when your child is being spotted or in close contact with their coach will their mask need to be on.

What if we forget our mask?

We are unable to provide masks for students due to the amounts of masks we would need to provide.

What if my child already had COVID and is out of quarantine?

To keep it consistent throughout the gym your child will still need to have a mask on.