Save the Date! December 5th 2021!

Get ready for Ninja Games! The most fun competition around exclusively for Ninjas!

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More Info About Outside Ninja Games

So what are the Ninja Games?
The Ninja Games were created to allow ninjas to compete several times a year, while maintaining a Balanced Life of Fun, Family, and Sport. At the Ninja Games each Ninja will compete by participating in a CHALLENGE scene, Rig Course, and FOCUS scene. The CHALLENGE scene will involve an obstacle course for each level of Ninja, while the FOCUS scene will involve different combinations of Ninja moves called a Take. Each Ninja will receive a combined score from each element based upon Form, Completion Time, and Accuracy.

Medals are awarded to the competitors with the highest combined scores.

Registration opens in October. The price for Ninja Games is $85. It includes their Participation Fee for the event, a Ninja Games Shirt, and the clinic.

When and where is this super cool awesome Competition going to be?
Date & Time: Sunday December 5th Noon - 5:00pm
Where: 270 Hiawatha Trail Springboro, OH 45066

Your Ninja is recommended to participate in 1 clinic. Dates will be available once registration opens up!

Don't Forget to Sign Up For Your Ninja Games Clinic Day! (Red Events)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up?

All Ninjas must be enrolled in class currently. Baby - Purple Ninjas! Ninjas will compete against Ninjas their own level. Each Ninja participating is encouraged but not required to take 1 Ninja Training Clinic. Parents will chose this Training Time from the sessions below.

Why Training Clinics?

The Training Clinics will prepare Ninjas for the specific skills that will be tested in the Conflict scene, the elements of the Chase scene, along with what is expected of a Ninja at the Ninja Games. These Training Clinics are held at Ohio Sports Academy

What do Ninjas need to wear to participate in the Games?

The Ninja Games shirt included with their Ninja Games Registration Package and their Ninja Headband that they use in class are required to be worn to participate in the Games.

Can my Ninja Bring guests to watch?

Yes! ANYONE can come to this ninja games since it is outdoors. We encourage families to make signs, team t-shirts, bring noise makers, etc. to make this event even more fun!