Gymnastics Private Lessons

Tumbling and Aerial Arts Private Lessons

Private lessons are designed for students that want one on one coaching in either our tumbling program or aerial silks. Private lessons are exactly like classes except they are one on one with the coach of your choosing.

Lessons are 30 minutes long and cost $38 for one athlete per half hour session. When two athletes take the same lesson the price is $24 for each athlete per half hour.  Please call the office for pricing for Aerial Arts private lessons. The tuition that you pay covers your child’s spot in your child’s private lesson and reschedules are NOT available. Missed private lessons will be made up in one of our normal classes and only as space is available, so please miss only in cases of emergency or illness. All private lessons are scheduled and billed through the gym and paid by the month. The earliest you can register for a private lesson is 1 week in advance.

You will be charged based on the number of meetings in the month which may vary due to scheduled days off and holidays. Mid month enrollments will be prorated.

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