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Ohio Sports Academy - Gymnastics, Tumbling, Ninja, Preschool, and more!

A safe and clean environment that offers a variety of classes with low coach to student ratios, where kid’s confidence comes first!

Voted BEST Gymnastics Facility by Dayton Ohio Magazine readers ​6 years in a row!

Alicia G.
"We love coming here! Best staff, equipment, and overall amazing results! I recommend OSA to all my friends looking for a new gym or just starting out! Hands down best decision I made changing gyms to OSA! Thank you for all you do!"
Danielle S.
"My son has been going to OSA for 3 years. It's a fantastic facility. It's like walking into a second home. We are thankful for all the coaches and variety of classes you can take."
Terri B.
"Love this place and everyone here. My daughter has learned so much in such a short period of time coming from another gymnastics location. She is so excited to come every week!"
Joe C.
"By far the best gym around and I have been to a lot of them between friends doing this and my children wanting to try it out. OSA is united with one another and you can not pick a bad coach. It is paramount you choose a gym that your kids can learn the foundation first and create good habits."
Nikkie S.
"I love love love this place, every coach and staff member is fabulous! They work so wonderfully with the kids and have amazing customer service with parents. They want to see the kids succeed just as much as we do and celebrate each mile stone! Again, love them!"
Kristine S.
"The drive to this place is very much worth it. My daughter loves her tumbling class, and my son really likes the ninja class!"
Super Clean Facility
All equipment is cleaned daily, in between classes, and every evening we perform a full gym disinfecting fog to get in all the nooks and crannies.
Low Coach to Student Ratios
We have the lowest coach to student ratios of any gym in the Dayton area so students get a lot of individualized time with coaches.
Unlimited Make-Up Classes
Out sick, vacation, or busy life gets in the way just let us know before your class starts and you will be given a make-up class.
Variety of Classes
We have classes for all ages and genders! There is something for everyone from complete beginners to the most advanced.
Friendly Office Staff
Have any questions or need to change your class schedule around? No worries at all! The office staff can always take care of you.
Fun & Professional Staff
Students love to learn and have fun in the gym! The staff at OSA make every class count with a progressive learning style.
Watch Class Live!
We have partnered with Spot TV so you can watch class from your smart phone.

Tumbling Classes

Ages 6 +

Our tumbling program is the best way to help kids with or without prior experience build confidence and learn or master their tumbling skills.

Whether they want to learn how to do their cartwheel, back handspring, or even more advanced skills, we have classes for all ages and abilities.

Your child moves up as soon as they've completed the required skills two weeks in a row, building on their success, and making sure they're learning new skills while mastering skills they've moved on from, keeping them from getting bored while in class.

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Pre-School Gymnastics

Ages 2 1/2 to 5 Years Old

Our pre-k tumbling program is  an awesome way to help children learn coordination, improve listening skills, and following directions. Students in this class will learn the fundamental skills needed for tumbling such as cartwheels, jumping, landing safely, and other fun activities!

Classes start with parent and tot, and work their way up to more independent classes as your child progresses in age and ability. All of our classes are built to improve upon skills learned in previous classes until students graduate to our Tumbling classes at the age of 5.

Any age is great to start gymnastics! Don't worry about your child not 'catching' up to other students, with our progressions and excellent staff your child will be learning and having fun in no time!

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The Ninja Zone - Obstacle Courses

18 Months - 13 Years Old

Ninja combines obstacle course training, gymnastics, martial arts, and freestyle movement with the freedom for kids to progress and learn at their own pace. Ninjas will follow a creed and build character through experiences and with the help of trainers who are also their mentors. Classes starting at age 18 months through 13 years old.

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Aerial Arts

Ages 8 +

Our Aerial Arts program is for students that want to learn to fly! This is an exciting, challenging, and oh so rewarding activity. Classes are for beginners just starting out all the way through the more experienced.

We have a variety of apparatuses, more then you would think are out there! Aerial Silks, Hammock, Hoop, Tippy Hoop, Trapeze, Straps, and a few others too! Your child will get to experience and learn them all with our Aerial Arts Certified Instructors.

Students will even have opportunities to come up with routines and perform for their peers and parents in a variety of places around the area!

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Baby Sensory Stimulation Classes

6 Weeks - 2 Years Old

These classes are parent-child bonding time through sensory stimulation and physical play and brain development. We do crafts, play with bubbles and toys, and climb, play, and roll on mats.

Connect with your baby through nurturing, observing, and learning. Rocking, rolling, tummy time, and social interaction are key components in your child's development. Plus you can meet other parents who have children around the same age as yours to discuss all sorts of fun things that children do.

Join us for unforgettable bonding and learning that you and your baby can experience together!

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Trampolining & Other Classes

Ages 6 +

Trampoline: This class is for students wanting to learn how to safely flip and trick on the trampoline, clean up skills learned at home on the trampoline, and for those potentially interested in the Trampoline Team here at OSA. Students will learn everything from the basics to the most advanced skills.

Cheer Jumps and Motions: For cheerleaders and those working to become a cheerleader, students will work on jumps and motions. As they get more advanced they will work on connections into tumbling from jumps and counts. Conditioning and active flexibility are also worked on in this class, to help students get the full range of motion on jumps, and the stamina needed to perform to their highest ability.

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Adaptive Gymnastics

adaptive gymnastics, special needs gym

Ages 3 +

These classes are designed from the ground up to help children with moderate challenges including, developmental delay, attention deficit, Autism, sensory issues, coordination problems, fear of movement and more.

The program will provide opportunity for children with special needs to participate in a movement program as a recreational activity in addition to other therapies.

Our staff are extremely patient and understanding, if needed parent help is allowed during class time, and you can meet with the instructor before or after class to discuss what helps your child succeed.

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Birthday and Other Parties

Celebrate Your Special Day!

Come celebrate your birthday party or special event at Ohio Sports Academy. We want your day to be extra special – let us be your party host. You will literally have nothing to do except enjoy your child's party and take pictures!

With trampolines, swinging ropes, foam pit fun, games and big squishy mats, the perfect place for a great party is here! The best part is that we do all of the clean up.

Ask us about our Ninja or Aerial Arts Parties for something different and fun!

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Other Fun Things!

Fun Activities for All Ages!

We have some awesome fun events that we host at the gym such as Kids Night In (KNI), summer camps, day camps on school off days, clinics.

We also host group activities, we've worked with: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Ladies Night Outs, Parents groups, Libraries, and Pre-K to High Schools in the area.

We even had a wedding in our Front Parking Lot! Use the Special Events menu to see what we have going on

Chances are we can accommodate your group, big or small!

Competitive Teams

Want to Compete?

Ohio Sports Academy offers a competitive experience for athletes in AAU Group Acrobatics and Trampoline & Tumbling.

Our Acro and T&T athletes compete locally, regionally and nationally at events from January through July.  

We are very proud of all our State, Regional, and National Champions! Check out our banners hanging in the gym as you walk in!

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ACE - Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment

We Accept Summer Camp & Recreation Class Tuition Reimbursements Through Ohio’s ACE Program for Qualifying Families

The Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) educational savings account program provides qualifying families with $1,000 per child to use towards approved enrichment and educational activities such as tutoring, academic camps, and before- or after-school programs.

Ohio Sports Academy is an approved ACE preferred vendor!

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