Spot TV

Watch Class From ANYWHERE!

Watching your child's class just got easier! You can now enjoy watching your child's class from anywhere, in the car, at the store, or at home. Even grandparents can watch class from states away!

We have partnered with Spot TV and this allows you to have access to the cameras inside Ohio Sports Academy to watch class.

Follow the 5 steps below to setup, link, watch class!

1. Download the app "Spot TV Family" on your smartphone.
2. Select "New Here? Sign Up!"
3. Follow the prompts to create your account. Our office staff will approve your registration within 24 hours. Most of the time this is done in 1 hour!
4. Login to the OSA Parent Portal (Not the OSA app) and click on Spot TV in the menu.
5. Login to your Spot TV account with the login you just made from the Spot TV App.

Congrats, your account is link!

Please note: due to the nature of Spot TV make-up classes are unable to be viewed only regularly scheduled classes.