Baby Gymnastics Classes

Baby Classes

Welcome to the Treehouse, your child will love being a part of our Woodland Crew! Each age and level is represented by a Woodland Animal.

Our mission is to build a strong gymnastic foundation from the roots up all while having fun, learning and growing, and instilling a work ethic to create healthy bodies and minds for a lifetime! Your child will have fun, learn, and grow while working hard on our gymnastic stations and obstacle course.

Squirrels  - My Infant & Me

Ages 6 Weeks to Walking

This FREE 30 minute parent & baby bonding class does not incur a monthly tuition. However, if not paid previously, our new family LIFETIME registration fee of $65 does apply and you will never pay this again. This class helps foster special parent-child bonding time through sensory stimulation and physical play and brain development. Connect with your baby through nurturing, observing, and learning. Rocking, rolling, tummy time, and social interaction are key components in your child's development. Join us for unforgettable bonding and learning that you and your baby can experience together! Ages 6 weeks to pre-walkers.

Please bring a baby blanket for your baby to each class.
** A parent or guardian is REQUIRED to be in class with the child. **


Walkers to 24 Months

Watch out, babies on the move! This 30 minute class allows you and your child to bond while exploring, learning, and socializing in a safe and captivating environment.  

As soon as your little one is ready to walk they are ready for gymnastics!

Spatial awareness and discovery will be learned by teaching your little one how their bodies can relate to objects around them by exploring various circuits and going on, under, over, through and upside down. A class of discovery and amazement for both you and your little one!​
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** A parent or guardian is REQUIRED to be in class with the child. **

Mini Ninjas

Walking to 3 Years Old

In an organized, yet playful structure, this parent and tot class is the perfect way to socialize your child, allow them to learn and understand what it means to follow instruction, and of course, get them moving!

These classes follow our Ninja theme (of course!), and the skills required to master the course include fundamental movement, coordination, fine, gross motor skill development, and our Ninja Zone character-building component.

Mini Ninja allows your child to play, have fun, bond with their Ninja grown-up, and learn body awareness. Ninjas will be introduced to simple vocabulary, color words, numbers, and more! Mini Ninja classes prepare your child for the next phase of Ninja Sport, so by the time they are old enough to enroll in Lil' Ninja classes, they'll be ahead of the game! A uniform package is required to participate - ask at the front office for more details.

** A parent or guardian is REQUIRED to be in class with the child. **

Cubs - Me & My Grownup

Ages 2 - 3.5 Years Old

This 40 Minute class is a grown-up bear and baby bear style class. Our energetic staff will guide and coach your child through various Gymnastic stations and a fun obstacle course with the assistance and help of the Grown-up. Students will be introduced to basic gymnastic skills while working on strength, balance, and coordination.

** A parent or guardian is REQUIRED to be in class with the child. **

ACE - Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment

We Accept Summer Camp & Recreation Class Tuition Reimbursements Through Ohio’s ACE Program for Qualifying Families

The Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) educational savings account program provides qualifying families with $1,000 per child to use towards approved enrichment and educational activities such as tutoring, academic camps, and before- or after-school programs.

Ohio Sports Academy is an approved ACE preferred vendor!