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We make it easy for parents to sign our waiver - just pick the party or event below that your child will be attending - register and sign electronically! We will also send an email RSVP to the parent of the birthday child!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents join the fun?

Due to insurance restrictions, no adults will be allowed on the equipment. Parents are more then welcome and encouraged to take pictures!

How early should we arrive for the party?

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your party time. That way you will not interrupt another party and the same will not happen to your party time.

How are you dealing with COVID?

All temperatures will be taken at the door for anyone entering the gym. We perform a lot of cleaning before and after your party. We also perform regular cleanings during the week, after all classes, and at the end of the day. You can read more about our COVID procedures here.

Are masks required?

Yes, masks are required for all adults entering the facility. All adults are also required to keep them on at all times. Food and drinks during the party are meant for the kids. Kids are not required to have masks on.