Aerial Art Classes

Come Fly With Us!

Welcome to the exciting world of Aerial Arts, come fly with us! This is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding program. Whether this is your first time flying or you are an experienced aerialist, we have a class for you. Through the use of a progressive curriculum focused on building skills, strength, and confidence students will learn climbing, wrapping, inverting, locks and drops. Our program is for age 8 through adults.

If you already have experience with Aerial Arts please reach out to the office so they can help direct you to sign up for the correct level of class.

Aerial Arts Fundamental Class Ohio

Never Flown Before?

This class is for first time flyers who wish to learn more about the exciting and dynamic world of the Aerial Arts. Students will work on the hoop, 2 tails silks, hammock, and trapeze. Also students will learn the art of the "knot" to teach new flyers about leverage & counterbalance while climbing & wrapping.

This class covers the first 20 fundamental skills and also helps gain strength & flexibility for higher level skills. Students will learn basic climbs, lifts, mobility control, air awareness, and muscle memory. Eventually students will be able to put a routine together with skills from this class.

Already Have Experience Flying?

Whether you were in our Aerial Arts program before or have professional experience we have a class for you. With the help of the coaches and the progressive curriculum you are sure to learn something new. Students will be able to work on 2-tails silks, hammock, trapeze, and hoop.

Please call the office to help determine what class level you should be in.

Make sure you have been previouslly enrolled in our Aerial Arts program OR have talked with our staff to know what level to sign up for.

Adult Classes

Grown Ups Can Join In The Fun

Of course adults can join the fun! We have specific classes for adults so you are not in class with children. You have the ability to work at your own pace and learn as you go. The certified staff will be able to safely guide you through stretching properly and breaking down skills while having fun and challenging you.