Ninja Testing!

Did your Ninja get an invite to move up to the next level? How exciting! Read more about what this means and what to do below.

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More Info About Ninja Testing

The 2nd Saturday from 9:00am to 9:55am and the 4th Saturday from noon to 12:55pm are the designated testing days to move up to the next level from Ninja White to Ninja Yellow, Ninja Yellow to Ninja Green, and Ninja Green to Ninja Blue. Pre-registration is required and the cost is $25.

Ninjas must be in their Ninja shirts to test up!

Click to REGISTER HERE - You can then scroll through the months to register for the date that works best for you. Please use the red link at the top of the registration page to use the account we already have set up for you!

There will be a warm up period and then each child will be asked to perform a "mission" and demonstrate the skills that should be mastered in their current level. Each child will be tested separately, and new shirts will be awarded at the end of the testing period.

You can check your child's skills online through our parent's portal to see their progress!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up?

Please make sure you have received the official Ninja move up post card or flyer from your child's Ninja coach.

Can I watch Ninja testing?

Spot TV will be enabled on your account for that Saturday so you will be able to login and watch your child do the Ninja test. Learn more about Spot TV!

What do Ninjas need to wear?

Please make sure your Ninja has their shirt on for their testing.