Summer Camps Near Me!

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School's out and we have some awesome week long camps planned ALL SUMMER LONG! All camps are Monday - Friday with late pick up available so you can swing by and pick up your child after work.

​OSA Summer Camps are filled with high energy, structured activities for your kids and incorporate open play, organized games, arts, Ninja, and sooo much fun! We change activities every half hour so your kids are never bored. Camp themes change daily.

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How much do camps cost?
Day Camp Enrollments:
You will be billed the full amount upon enrollment. If you need to move or reschedule dates there is a $15 administrative fee. Upon enrollment our awesome office staff will call to confirm your summer camp days, verify all the information we need and collect payment.

Week Long Camps:
You can see the full pricing below. If you are enrolling in June camp you will be billed the full amount. Upon enrollment our awesome office staff will call to confirm your summer camp weeks and verify all the information we need. From there you will be charged a $25 non-refundable deposit per week of camp you sign up for. This is to hold your spot in camp. The rest of the amount due will be due based on the following schedule:
June Camp Start Date
- May 2nd Emailed statement with the full amount due.
- May 15th Billed the full amount on that invoice to the card on file.
July Camp Start Date
- June 2nd Emailed statement with the full amount due.
- June 15th Billed the full amount on that invoice to the card on file.
August Camp Start Date
- July 2nd Emailed statement with the full amount due.
- July 15th Billed the full amount on that invoice to the card on file.

Local Summer Camps

How much does camp cost?
We have 2 options for our camps: Full Day, and ½ Day.
Full Day: 8:00am - 5:30pm - Ages 3.5- 12 Cost $285/Week, Daily Options: $65
½ Day: 8:00am - 3:00pm - Ages 3.5 - 12 Cost $235/Week, Daily Options: $55
Daily camp options will come about 1 month before the start of the camps.

What to Bring to Camp:
Labeled sack lunch
Water bottle
Snacks: pack 2 if you’re staying all day. We also have a vending machine available.
Special items - ex. Nerf guns or other items (we will email this out ahead of time) Don't worry if you do not have these items, we will have some ready to loan out!

Deposit Payment ($25/week non-refundable deposit of camp you sign up for) is due in full at the time of registration
Multi-Week Discount - 10% off each additional FULL week of camp after paying full price for the first week (full or 1/2 day) - does not apply to single day camps
Sibling - 10% off additional FULL week of camp after first child pays full price for the first week of camp
Current members and non members are welcome
All camp tuition is non-refundable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign my child up for a camp?

Click Register next the option you would like and the registration screen will pop up. Just fill out the form we will confirm everything.

Do campers need to have masks on?

Masks are not required for children at summer camps, however they are allowed to wear them if they would like.

What themes are on what days of camps?

Camp themes can be found here. While we do our best to stick to a schedule sometime things come up and it must change. ​

Can I switch a camp enrollment?

Day camps can be switched with a 24 hour notice before the camp but there is a $10 admin fee per day camp per camper that is non-refundable. A full week can be moved to another full week camp with an $50 admin fee per full week per camper switched. Note: This is subject to the availability of of spot(s) in camp.

What if my child is sick on a camp day?

We are unable to provide make-up summer camp days/weeks for missed camps.

Can I get a refund for camp if we cannot attend?

No, as all our events at the gym are non refundable. We can however move it to another week or day but there is an administrative fee and is subject to the availability to that camp.

When do day camp enrollments open up?

Summer day camp enrollments will open up around the 1st or 2nd week of the month before the start of the camp.

Are there any discounts?

Yes! The first full week of camp is full price. After that every week long camp is discounted by 10%. Drop in and daily camps will not have any discount.

What about COVID?

As always we make sure that the gym is cleaned and ready for the campers. If you want more information about our COVID polices check out here. If you sign up for a summer camp and your child catches COVID we will allow a reschedule upon presentation of a positive test result. If Ohio Sports Academy is closed due to a state or federal mandate you will be refunded or given an opportunity to reschedule your camp to another date.

How early can I drop off my camper?

Camp starts at 8:00am but doors will open at 7:45am so you are able to drop off your camper before you head over to work!

What does sign in and sign out look like?

We have a great video showing you what this looks like. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised with how clean and organized this will be!

When will daily drop in camps be avaliable?

About 1 month before the camps start we will open up daily options.

What is OSA’s definition of potty trained?

A child is potty trained when they are able to go to the bathroom unaccompanied, clean themselves, flush, and wash their hands with out help.

Does my child already have to be a member at the gym?

No! It does not matter to us if you are a member or not. Anyone can come and do camps at OSA. We do have a yearly registration fee of less than $30 per child that will be billed upon enrollment to reserve your spot.

Do you provide snacks for the campers?

We do not because we are unsure of allergies BUT you can pack a few snacks for campers to eat during the day or send them to camp with a few dollars to use in the vending machine!

Will you remind me about my child's camp?

Yup, we sure will. You will get an email about 24 hours before the day of the camp with some reminders and any changes due to the weather.

I work during the day, can I drop my kids off early and pick them up late?

Yes, sign up for our Full Day camp and you can drop off your child as early as 8:00am and pick them up as late as 5:30pm.